Buy Teddy Bears - Categories

Our shopping functions are still working in Level 4 and NZ's lock down but out of respect to our Nation's Essentials Services no orders will be shipped until the lock down is over.


  • Childsafe Jointed Traditional Teddy bears
    All Bear With Us child safe teddy bears have safety eyes and the traditional jointed teddybears are available with or without a music box or growler as an optional extra. Every child safe traditional...
  • Childsafe Non Jointed Teddy bears
    Bear With Us NZ has recreated some of the wonderfully soft and cuddly non jointed teddybears from the early years of Bear With Us. Click on photo above to view products in this range.
  • Collector Teddybears
    Bear With Us NZ has a growing range of mohair Collector Teddy Bears. Handcrafted to a high quality by a dedicated team, every collector teddybear has a unique character. Click on photo above to vie...
  • New Zealand Souvenir Teddybears
    Bear With Us continues to produce collector New Zealand Souvenir Teddy Bear in mohair or plush fabric dressed in New Zealand Maori Costume. Click on photo above to view products in this range.
  • Signature Celebration Teddybears
    Bear With Us Signature Teddybears are still popular and a special keepsake for any special occasion or celebration, including weddings, birthdays, christenings etc. Click on photo above to view prod...

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