New Zealand Teddy Bear Range

Bear With Us current range includes traditional NZ made jointed child safe teddy bears, mohair collector teddybears, non jointed child safe teddy bears and  NZ Souvenir teddybears. Some of the well known and loved Bear With Us (and Harrison Bears), traditional teddy bears and non jointed teddybears are back in production including Baby Ted, Dougal, Cameron, Fraser, Gordon and Douglas.  Adam teddy bear, a non jointed large sitting bear is back, now called Truffles.  Another generation of teddy bear lovers are now able to enjoy the companionship of a replica design traditional jointed childsafe teddybear of yesteryear.

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Bear With Us Teddybears currently available - individually handcrafted in New Zealand

Childsafe Jointed Traditional Teddy Bears 

All Bear With Us traditional jointed teddy bears have safety eyes and are available with a choice with or without a growler or music box. Each traditional jointed teddy bear has its own named leather heart label attached to the teddy bears neck ribbon.  The childsafe jointed traditional teddy bears currently available include Baby Ted, William, Elizabeth, Cameron, Fraser, Gordon, Dougal, Campbell, Douglas, Harrison and Big Ted.

Collector Teddy Bears

Bear With Us has a range of mohair Collector Teddy Bears. Handcrafted to a high quality by a dedicated team, every collector teddybear has a unique character. 

Childsafe Non Jointed Teddy Bears

Bear With Us has recreated some of the wonderfully soft and cuddly childsafe non jointed teddybears from the early years of Bear With Us NZ (and Harrison Bears).   Adam Bear has returned and has been renamed Truffles.  Also making a return is small Alberto bear now called Biscuit.  A large sitting Panda (very soft and cuddly) with a chime enclosed is also available.

Celebration Signature Teddy Bears

Bear With Us Celebration Signature Teddybears are still popular and a special keepsake for any special occasion or celebration, including weddings, birthdays, christenings etc. Each Celebration Signature Teddybear comes with a special black pen for your guests to sign and / or write a message for the ultimate memento.

New Zealand Souvenir Teddy Bears

Bear With Us continues to produce collector NZ Souvenir Teddy Bear in mohair fabric dressed in New Zealand Maori Costume. Both Tane and Wahine are beautifully presented in authentic dress and accessories including grass skirt and Tane's feather cloak.

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